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HS Sprenger stirrup bow balance
The BOW BALANCE stirrups combine several aspects that make good and safe riding
By changing the weight ratio compared to previously available stirrups, the BOW BALANCE - as the name already implies - is optimally balanced.Thanks to its special balance and the curved shape in the upper stirrup area, it lies even better on the horse and is therefore easier to pick up The extra wide and therefore comfortable tread surface is equipped with two different rubber hardnesses, which provide more support and have a cushioning effect The tried and tested System 4 joint can support the release of the foot in the event of a fall A significantly improved flexibility relieves the hip, knee, ankle and calves Reiter's curved shape for a perfect position System-4-joint for comfort and the best possible security High strength insert with two different rubber hardnesses for better grip Protection of joints and ligaments Extra-wide tread surface for optimal balance

HS Sprenger stirrup bow balance

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