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Our lambskin saddlecloths are made of quilted cotton that is covered with real lambskin. The saddle pads are available for dressage, eventing and jumping saddles. The lambskin wreath prevents the saddlecloth from slipping backwards. In addition to the beautiful look, the great advantage of these lambskin saddle pads is that the underlay cannot slip - in contrast to the use of a saddle pad. They are optimally temperature-equalizing and climate-regulating. This prevents heat build-up in summer, and in winter the lambskin warms the back comfortably. The soft lambskin protects against chafing and hair breakage and helps with weight distribution in the saddle position. Our saddle pads all have a sufficiently wide spine recess to protect sensitive spinous processes; as well as a recess at the withers with an anatomically cut back line.

Capreole lambskin saddle pad dressage gray

€125.00 Regular Price
€112.50Sale Price
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