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More than a belt - an experience

The ingenious and exclusive system of elastic bands offers perfect belt pressure distribution. Natural defense reactions when wearing a seat belt are reduced (e.g. kicking, biting, rejection of the seat belt).

The special design allows the horse to expand the chest with ease. The ligaments widen and narrow when you breathe out and breathe in, with the pressure being distributed constantly and evenly.

A scientific study of various belts shows: All horses kept a significantly lower heart rate when using a Stübben Equi-Soft® belt - without exception.

Important note: The middle of the belt must be placed in the middle of the horse's belt line. Never tighten just one side of the belt. The pull should be the same on both sides of the belt.

Finalist at the Spoga Horse Innovation Award 2012.

The special design allows the upholstery to be exchanged in seconds.

The saddle girth is available in the colors black, ebony and tobacco, in lengths from 45 to 140 cm and cushions made of vachette leather, neoprene or lambskin.

The Equi-Soft stud protection belt should be used for show jumping.


  • Elastic bands and the special cut relieve the sternum and
  • allow you to breathe more freely
  • significantly lower heart rate with the same load
  • large surface area and optimal belt pressure distribution


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