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This model, created in collaboration with Adelinde Cornelissen, bears the signature and the name of the Dutch champion, who is double winner of the World Cup and winner of Olympic medals. Tested extensively by the champion and many other important professional riders, this saddle has demonstrated that it considerably improves both the horse’s gait and the rider’s seat. The saddle is supplied with a smaller and a larger set of Velcro knee rolls, so that the rider can individually choose their position according to his needs and preferences. The standard model is produced with a deep seat, but an open version is also available on request. It is also possible to order the Adelinde saddle with a narrow twist, more suitable for small, thin horses to achieve a greater leg contact.  

As the panels of this saddle are not attached to the under-flap, they leave the front billets free: the rider can choose to position them on the flap or to use them, once they have been extracted from the front holes, in direct contact with the saddle pad and with the horse's ribs. It has been noticed that working with the billets in direct contact with the horse's ribs favours a greater movement.* 

*All dressage saddles are available in the sizes 16/17/18 inches. All our saddles have fibre padded panels and can be adjusted individually to the horse's back.At the rear of the tree there are two additional holes for positioning the panels to the outside. In that way, the channel gets broader by 1 cm, what is very useful in the case of horses with a wide or exposed spine.

Erreplus Adelinde

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