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"Invictus D30" saddle pad

High-tech for the highest demands:
The Invictus D30 saddle pad. A 1.1cm thin pad with patented Smart material to protect your horse:
Intelligent molecules in the core of the saddle pad contract relative to pressure and impact.
When the pressure drops, the material immediately becomes pleasantly soft again.
This protective function is in the core of the pad in a breathable polymer mesh fabric.
The spacer fabric on the underside of the pad also prevents heat build-up.
A functional textile on the top makes the Invictus saddle pad completely non-slip. »
This technology distributes pressure better than with conventional materials - for up to 299% better compensation of the pressure load. »
In addition, the Invictus Pad enables clear communication between horse and rider as the Smart Material prevents involuntary influences such as
unwanted movements of the saddle and rider, filtered out on the horse's back. »
The Invictus Pad has proven itself in horses with chronically tense backs or lower muscles.

Kavalkade saddle pad "Invictus D30"

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