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Radiantly beautiful and horse-friendly! The PASSIERBLU Spirit is a beautiful, modern bridle. The curved browband with medium-sized rhinestones glitters from afar! It suits every horse perfectly - and is so comfortably shaped that the horse hardly feels the bridle! This is ensured, for example, by the anatomically shaped and wonderfully softly padded headpiece with an ear cutout. And the anatomically shaped, extra-soft English combined noseband, in which even the lanyard eyelet is softly padded! The bridle is also very suitable for very sensitive horses. The PASSIERBLU Spirit is the first bridle from the young PASSIERBLU collection! Only genuine with the original PASSIERBLU label on the side of the browband! On request, now also with blue patent leather loops and sliders on the cheek pieces!


Finest Passier bridle leather


stainless steel


Web reins with leather bars and martingale sliders for buttons

PASSIERBLU Spirit bridle

Größe: Warmblut
colour: black
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