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The Michel Robert saddle model has long been known for its properties, in which the rider feels in an optimal position and center of gravity without restriction. The new Michel Robert CPS has a new unisex tree that improves the performance of horse and rider. The CPS tree is structurally innovative thanks to a new geometry of injected membranes with different load capacities. The COCCYX PROTECTION SYSTEM technology cushions the stresses and protects the seat bones, the tailbone and the back. The middle membrane, which is more elastic than the two on the side, is visible on the underside of the saddle through the plexiglass window. For a good connection between horse and
Rider, the new saddle has retained the narrow waist typical of the Michel Robert saddle. Thanks to the wider seat at the back and the shorter cushions with a larger contact surface, for better weight distribution, the saddle combines comfort for the horse with the most comfortable seat for the rider.

Prestige Michel Robert

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