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This unisex saddle has a revolutionary and innovative saddle tree, thanks to the CPS concept ("COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM"), a new, characteristic geometry of injected membranes with different load capacities that dampen all loads and movements. This structure was developed to protect the ischium, coccyx and back and is visible through the viewing window made of soft Plexiglas on the underside of the saddle. The rear part of the seat is significantly wider and, thanks to the new membranes, extremely soft and comfortable. The front part of the tree at the level of the withers is wider than traditional saddles to give more freedom to the withers and the trapezius. In addition, the top of the tree is a little further back than usual to allow saddling further forward without obstructing the shoulders. The deep seat ensures an optimal perception of the closeness to the horse without disturbing the movements. The knee rolls, which follow the horse's anatomy and are also available as Velcro rolls, are also innovative. The crescent moon of the quiver and the channel between the cushions are made of damask leather. The anatomically shaped cushions guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles. Thanks to the wide rear part of the tree, the contact surface of the cushions is also enlarged, so that the pressure is better distributed.

Prestige Philosophy dressage saddle

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